I'm Looking For My Shoes A...

I'm looking for my shoes and my glasses...so I'll have them
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Sol Rosenberg calls an optometrist when he says "so i'll bring all my shoes and my glasses with me...so i'll have them..." NOT a dentist...if you're going to quote the best and ORIGINAL pranksters of all time, atleast quote them CORRECTLY...also, you cannot change the quote to fit your needs/style, like you've done..."i'm looking for my shoes & my glasses, so i'll have them" just sounds gay and WRONG!! You can't misquote the JERKY BOYS!!!! They're original and random and don't need fruit cakes like u twisting their **** up aight there flapjack? keep it up and i'll wrap a fuckn accordian around ur neck.

LOL...yeah "it's tearing the a@s out of me!!"

Yeah I know. I wrote my response wrong. We were talking like rizzo, he's the one, i think, "should I bring all my f-n tools" when he was applying for the job? we were talking like rosenberg too, oh my a** hurts!

Hey you're the first one!! I think it was actually Saul Rosenberg, the guy who blows his finger off with a firecracker. Frank Rizzo was the more tough New Yorker character. "Should I bring my f*ckin' toolbox?!!"

I picked up on it right away, I love the jerky boys. one night me and my friend were at the casino and we were talking like the jerky boy characters. it was alot of fun. I like i think his name is frank rizzo?

I haven't really lost my shoes nor my glasses...it's a line from a Jerky boys skit...it's really old and probably only funny to me. This really sad sounding guy calls a dentist and tries to set up an appointment. He asks them a bunch of questions and then asks if he should bring ALL his shoes and glasses (pretty random), so he'll have them (why the hell would you need all your shoes and glasses at the dentist?). My friends and I use this line fairly often when you want something, anything, and why?...so I'll have it!!

Hope you find them! I have a thing with misplacing my keys! It drives me nuts when I do that!