Everyone is naughty and needs to be punished. I am no exception and I need to be punished. I like to be caned fairly hard across my bare bottom. Being ******** naked is part of the humiliation and I like to be caned by a female whilst other females watch my punishment. I find this very exciting but don't have anyone to carry out this punishment,
Michael505 Michael505
61-65, M
2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Hi Michael.I share your enthusiasm for the cane but prefer a male to cane me.This has happened frquently over the years.I also enquire where you stay as it would be great to get together.I live in Cape Town which is probably very far from you.Hope you get your caning good and hard!!

Welcome to the club!<br />
Fortunately my wife does some for me but I need much more.<br />
I wonder why it is soooo difficult to get a woman to perform a spanking!<br />
Where do you stay, Michael?