What Does God Want Me to Do? What About My Dreams Too?

I desire to serve God, I often have dreams that very vivid and consist of angels, saving people, fighting demons. I also want to express my dream that I've been having for more than 2 years. It's about me and my children and husband in a white house. But I only have one child and I am not married. My ex-boyfriend do not want to be with me anymore. He used to cheat all the time, but I still love him. I can't stop thinking of him and want to marry him. But lately, I want to be a powerful force for God.

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Zionusa.org If you want to know what your dreams mean check out the website.

Pay attention to your dreams especially if you are praying.God spoke to Joseph in his dreams and instructed him.Pray and ask God for guidance and you will be surprised as to what happens.Join a church or a community if possible and start reading the bible.The bible speaks to each of us in different ways because it is the word of God.Start small and let God guide you.

i disbelieve in "getting saved" by baptism. Though we all wish it to be THAT easy. But sadly it isnt. <br />
We all have to appreciate the fact that God created this entire universe, this wholeeee big place, and with the creativity of such kind, He'd definitely desire the human race to be as active as possible. To struggle for faith, and virtue each day. To make mistakes and then learn. He is the one who saves ultimately, baptism cannot. Saying that I believe in God does not do the magic of being saved. Or confessing such and such things will not do that either. BUT to work each day upon your own self, life, and community does a lot. Seeking Him everyday matters. But not just one day, cleansing. God is an active being of every moment. And so is Belief. <br />
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Just saying, Hail This, Hail That is hypocrisy of its own kind. Even praising God by mouth is not praise at all. But to THINK what you are saying and asking each and every time you say it, is the real thing we should be aiming for. <br />
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What do you think God would prefer? A person who gets baptized, and says some things. Or a person, who believe in spiritual purification that ONLY GOD alone does it, and for that the person reflects over his/her words and actions and tries to seek meaning in everything? <br />
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I'd rather live a life of every day struggle, instead of a one day or yearly cleansing. Because everyday is cleansing and struggle is better than sitting with notes right before the exam!

Hi Vessa<br />
Just wanted you to know the best way forward for you is to read the bible and join a bible ba<x>sed congregation. Juhi what you are saying is nonsense and dangerous demons do exist the bible tells us so. The best way for satan and his demons (fallen angel army ) to succeed is to convince people that he does not exist. That way you cannot see your enemy as you dont believe they are real. You are helping satan and not God with your message. Read the bible find out the truth then advise others about matters of God. Good Luck.

hi vessa<br />
i was just thinking you your dreams of angels, fighting demons and saving people. ever since i have become a child of god, i have been on a journey , where it is possible to directly converse with god. I have been told by god that there are no real demons, but demons are inside us in the form of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. we have to fight these demons and remove our vices. once we are able to do that we become true angels! god is carrying on this task of converting us, who have these demons inside us into angles, and god has said that we must inform this to everyone possible, so that they may be saved from these demons. it is because of these demons that we are unhappy today. i while, also working on improving myself, am in this godly mission of saving others, and helping them to convert to true angels. remember the website www.bkwsu.com. there is no harm in trying! you have nothing to lose<br />
your well wisher<br />

Sounds like God has found you, search no more. Find a church, believe, repent and be saved, get baptized and serve. There's is no greater joy than leading others to God. God may also be trying to do you a solid by leading you away from a man who obviously hurts you, away from a future that would be full of pain. Loving that kind of man would not bring you happiness and if he already cheats he will continue to cheat. He has learned that even when he cheats on you no matter how much it hurts you, you will still love him, so he will never stop why should he there are no consequences, nothing to lose. Now he is done with you. God knows that you are struggling with this relationship and He is "working" in your life. God has a purpose for everyone. Listen to Him, follow His lead He may be leading you to the new husband the white house and the 2nd child and the life you are meant to have. God Bless!


okay now that you have told us that,tell God now. tell him you desire to serve him. ask him to show you how to serve him in spirit and IN truth. i can tell you five steps i know to serving God. you must hear his word (gospel), believe what you have heard , repent, that is to change your way of thinking/living and then confess before others (church) that Jesus Christ is the son of God, last but not least be baptised, to wash away your sins. to be baptised with him in water and spirit coming up out of that water a new creature who has died to the world but is now alive in Christ. ROMANS CPT6 VRS 4. 1CORINTHIANS CPT 6 VRS 11. to be added to his body (church) here is a couple of numbers you may find helpful. 562-458-0375 brother murphy and 310-635-8623 brother moultry.Please feel free to asked them this same question. I attened a CONGREGATION that is totally Bible based. I would'nt tell you anywhere is okay. you must make sure the word is being preached. I also will pray for you. God says ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. His word will never return to him void you can know that. He will guide you right where you need to be.

I don't know where that lady heard demons arnt real but that's a lie. If god would undo are blocks on r eyes and let us see what's spiritually is happening in this world a lot of people would freak. Me myself I've had a few dreams myself that were vivid and I remember in details years after I had them one of my dreams actually came to pass and I feel when u have dreams like that trust there from god about something