Awesome Days. I Know God Lives

The power of 24 hour fasting....... is totally incredible

             And people know that at any moment we are about to see the unbelievable.

             We & Europe are not only bankrupt,  but one can see that their now is an ideological mindset that can not turn around the policies of greed of the last 30 years.

             The fasting, done right ( on a non-working day, skipping breakfast and lunch ONLY, breaking it DEFINITELY at dinner, drinking water if thirsty, doing simply  what you would normally do during that day ), ..... can answer any question or need, ......and speak of the days to come.

            Blessed with five sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren

           God is very real. And the "objective", ......not subjective,.....even including the supernatural,   spiritual experiences from the fasting proves that He lives,.....and we are about to see days no less dramatic than Lord of the Rings.

           Fasting,.......done right , the key to knowledge, power, peace and joy,......and the deliverance from the horrible last days in which we battle,

          If one is diabetic, or takes medications, and can not fast,.......we have no answer to this yet.

          If this resonates with you, write.

          Your friend

Oct 15, 2011