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I went to Church last night. What denomination doesn't really matter. I just needed to go to a place where i could really just feel the spirit of the Divine. I have always loved to listen to ministers or priests or whom ever talk about God.

The man speak last night was really amazing. He was speaking out everyone's journey to God. He said it doesn't matter what you call him or her.. that the Divine is loving ,caring and open to everyone.

He spoke of how as brothers and sisters we need to learn to respect each person around .. all of those on this journey as well. that means not calling them names or being rude or hateful to them.

As this minister spoke i felt the divine all around me, hugging me close and i felt God pouring out of the words being spoken.

I remember when Jesus said that the greatest commandment is LOVE. and to LOVE one another as I have loved you. Then i look at the groups on here that are about god, angels and all this and i see such animosity and it hurts. If people are really on the path and are people of God then why are they calling each other names, hurting each other and being such poor examples of what godly people are.

I am lowly and just another drop of rain in the ocean of people in the world. I don't proclaim to have great  secret powers where God is concerned. I have been given glimpses here and there of the Divine and cherish each instant. So i am not one to say that i am the perfect example of a Godly person.. but what i do say is maybe if we make LOVE the cornerstone of all we say and do. Not be so ready to fight in everything we say and do... the world could begin to heal just a a little.

We as people of faith (no matter what faith that may be) should really try and learn to respect each and every person on this planet. And calling them names because they see things differently or are walking a different path is not respecting anyone.

it is just a thought..just something i am pondering on my way to the great beyond..
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Hello Moonstar! Lovely comment. But remember, all these things must come to pass before the end will come...people will be lovers of themselves, money and ungrateful..and then the end will come So, Almighty God is encouraging you to seek him through prayer.

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well the thing is that the problem arises when people start calling random things God. God will always remain God, like I will be I, and no one else can be Me/I. Similarly, God stays God, and to call a thing God other than God Himself is derogatory. And some people who TRULY love God, will find it to be an insult that they call humans/prophets/idols God. This is where the problem arises. <br />
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But the key point is to find who God truly is, and then stick to it. You can't love an idol and demand love of God from it. Because you;re not loving God, you're just loving a block of atoms. <br />
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I think, we all need to find God's reality, and when we'll do it, we'd automatically start loving every other thing.

You are not just another drop of rain,you are one of God's beloved children,shining with love and concern.God love's us all and we only have to ask for his divine light to shine upon us.We are here on EP because we feel love and concern for our fellow EPers and want to guide and help.<br />
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You sis,are a wonderful example of that care.

thank you my sweet sis and you are a great example of love to all that are blessed to know you

In Perfect Love, and Perfect Trust, I honor you sister, this is a lovely posting.

I honor you my sweet sis in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. LOVE YOU

I agree. Religion should be about love, not rubbing other people`s faces in the dirt.

thanks sweetie.. you are always such a good person. people could learn a lot from you ♥♥♥

i love you sweet cowboy thank you for being you