God Knows Where To Find Me

I was searching for God, but gave-up.  If God exists, then he knows my home address, home phone, work phone, mobile phone, email address, Facebook account, and the licence & make & model of my car.   So, why is the heavenly father such a deadbeat Dad??!!

Buckminsterfullerene99 Buckminsterfullerene99
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8 Responses Mar 14, 2012

God is not your Dad, He is your Heavenly Father and Savior if you have received the gift of Eternal Salvation He has made available to you by sending His Son to give His life for you. We are all His Creation but He is our Savior and Provider and Cofidant if we serve Him and give ourselves over to Him. Once we do that and choose to live in such a manner then I believe it is impossible for Us not to see the things God does and makes possible to do throughout every day. He Loves You whether You Love Him or not. However, Heaven is reserved for those who choose to Love Him back. But it's just that; a choice.

I thank God that I know God because if I didn't, what would happen to me. So much emptiness without him. I always get hungry to know God and I am tired of religion; runing to church every sunday, reading the bible and so much routine has failed

So, how do you see God? You seem to have a non-mainstream interpretation and I'm intrigued.

You have His life force. He gave you the smarts to set up a home number. The skills to produce the money to get a home (adress), a car (plates), and a computer (Facebook). Too bad all those things are not the ones He uses to find you. He uses your heart. You gotta keep it clean and open to let Him him. Those comments are not helping. You want to get closer to Him. Start by knowing He has a name, He gave you His son, and wrote a book for you. I think He has been knocking...

do Christians just sit around and troll the atheist/agnostic boards?? I'm also searching for god...or for something out there. I feel lost like you and believe that if god or whomever/whatever really wants me as a believer than he will make a concerted effort to do so.

Blaspheming His name is certainly not the way to get the attention you want.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you” (Jeremiah 29:13-14).

Your attention, forcus, concentration. That is your piece of Gd.