What Do I Do Now?

Ever since my dad killed himself when i was 13 years old, i have been fighting  with my faith in god and even myself. I keep going back and forth with my faith and i just need help to keep that fire in my heart. So if you have any suggestions of how i can do this it will help. Thanks


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My Dad was a WWII vet who experienced losing all the members of his troop in a moment. He said at that moment he knew that we can not choose our death that Gd takes us when it is our time and that we could put a bullet in our heart and if Gd didn't want us yet, we would survive. I know many people who tried to kill themselves but failed. Grieve your Dad's death like any other. Don't follow his example. You are loved.

The word of God says "no man can pluck you out of my hand" so God never lets go of us just as a parent will never let go of their child. We in our frailty let go of his hand on our side and then take hold of it again depending on how strong our faith it. It's our choice, we not robots and I'm sorry about your Dad but it's not God's fault. When things go wrong we have to blame someone and unfortunately God can't defend himself. I hope you can learn to lean on him and trust him and speak to him as a friend as he also says he sticks closer than a brother to us. All the best.

Message me my friend and I would be happy to interact with you regarding this matter.<br />
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The person above asked a very good question by the way :)<br />

Do you love your dad, or hate him?

Well i have forgave him for what he has done