New Found Heart

I am second,Seek and you shall find as I travel the globe ,leaving my past behind eager and ready to find ,that in which is divine,God where art thou, I am with in stop searching the world and people for the answers lay with in one self,no not God but I am king of me and all I see,I am destined to be my self and no one else,I was heartless and full of self blame started as a spark now a very bright flame I must maintain these feelings are beyond me and must be self cointained I am no longer ashammed I look in the mirror and took the blame, I stood alone and felt the rain battered down and molded and scolded but The hand I was dealt I never folded,at the end I was in his hand as I was holded,or held he had me all along hear the words and feelings in this song he was knocking on my door all along it was me who did not answer,I was so affraid to be loved,it was foeirn it almost hurt this feeling of care and I was quite unaware Lord thank-you for always being there my heart was cold ,and frozen ,then shattered you took the pieces of broken ice melted them then placed them in their right places as if my heart was the terminator t2 version my heart went through this conversion and all the little pieces collected into one and it is alive it beats,it seems like you worked on this for months days and weeks ,without sleep I think this is why Jesus wept thank-you God for I am awake when I slept I am alive and may God bless my every step amen
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
May 22, 2012