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About two years ago i got saved, and started teaching class, and it was crazy, i just got so overwhelmed with having to be this, wear this, sing this, teach this...It was crazy so i left the church. Almost walked out on God...right now, i decided, i am searching for him. i really want to see him face to face as moses did, and be a good Christian, but i dont want to be the type of Christian i was before. Its confusing. All i know is im searching for God.
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i went tru this i got really close to leaving god i got realy close to leaving life... hypocrites everywhre<br />
<br />
and u hav to b so perfect and u can t do this and u cant do that n just so frustrating<br />
<br />
<br />
but for the last couple months i relaized who was i pleasing ppl men or God? God does not requie us to dress a certain way (well not nearly naked lol but obvioulsy u dont need to dress like a nun) we need t make sure our eyes are on God and not ppl and doctrines and my church believes this and that church believes that what does GOD think? wat does the BIBLE say no one is perfect we should strive to be holy because God is holy that is wat the bible says but at no point does that mean if i dont go to the chirches bible studies every week im goin to hell<br />
<br />
God wants a relationship w/ us he wants to be our best friend our father and he wants to change us <br />
<br />
we dont becaome perfect to be saved and b good w/ God<br />
<br />
we are saved by Grace not wrks<br />
wen we r fist saved we kno that and we receive that<br />
but then we try to buy salvation from God<br />
<br />
"oh dont wry God look look im good now im not like how i used tobe now ill do this and this plz dont send me to hell!"<br />
lol that happend to me i forget im saved by grace and i started to belive i was a christina nemore cuz i wasnt that great n i dint pray like a preacher and i occasionaly sined<br />
<br />
that is one of Satan most devious lies<br />
<br />
butthat is why God says in Ephesians 6 to put on the helmet of salvation like a solidier who goes into war<br />
<br />
Satan will trick u in the mind put u need to have the armour of God and kno that u ARE saved not beacause u are "good" but because JESUS paid the price and u have received his gift<br />
<br />
dont let Satan lie to u and steal ur joy in christ!<br />
<br />
God just wants a repentant heart<br />
<br />
dont sin on purpose<br />
and if u do humble and apologize to God<br />
knowing that u DID disobey God<br />
and knowing he will forgive u<br />
if u truyl repeant<br />
<br />
we just let God into our hearts and let HIM change us<br />
let Him mold us and make us into wat he wants us to be<br />
<br />
i tink u just need a refreshment from all the legalism and hypocrasy from the American church<br />
<br />
judt seek deep within Gods church how dod paul and peter and timothy did this and this get away from all "religious" influences right now including churches and mosques and horoscopes EVERYTHING but keep ur bible and ur prayers to God reread the new testament w/out any preconcieved ideas read it like it is the very first tieme uve read it and ask God to reveal his wrd to u and to speak to u through it remember we are always under spiritual atttack from Satan and <br />
Satan will try his best to keep u from finding God he will distract u he will mislead u and say go here go there but just follow Jesus thats ALL christianity is about following jesus aLL u need for that and a foundation is a willing heart and Gods living wrd<br />
<br />
feel free to email me at<br /><br />
<br />
God Bless<br />

hi i am a muslim, and i am sure that if you gave islam a chance you would really find peace and awnsers, first i would like to tell you a story of someone else who got saved, have you herd of cat stevens the famous singer, well he also has been saved, and found islam,<br />
he was swimming and he was beggining to drown, he then said, o god, if you save me from this, i will devote my hole life to you,<br />
suddnely a wave came over him and pushed him ashore, later whilest in hosopital, his brother [who was a christian at the time] brought him a quran [ the muslim holy book]<br />
cat, read the book and was amazed by it, he felt inner peace whelme over him, and the emptiness fill up, he had found the awnser.<br />
for more famouse converts go to my site<br />
or email me @<br />
why dont you give islam a try?<br />
you never no!<br />
god bless you, and i hope he will gide you.