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I've been searching for answers to my questions for more than 25 years.  I recall as a young teen, asking a priest some questions about God and suffering.  He said that with faith one does not a feel a need to ask questions.  Well, my faith only grew weaker that day and I've considered myself an agnostic for most of my adult life.

I was raised Catholic but my family practiced their faith only on special ocassions, so I never really believed completely.  I've searched for answers in the Bible, as well other books of faith and theology but I've often come away with more questions.  I know some of my questions are the same that have been asked since the beginning of civilization.  Does God really exist?  What is the purpose of life?  Why is there so much suffering in the world?  Is there really a heaven?  An afterlife?  (Please readers, do not attempt to answer my questions, as there are no simple answers and I don't wish to debate these issues here).

Perhaps there's some truth to the notion that if there is a God, he (or she) exists in all of us and that rather than looking to organized religion for answers we need to search within.  That's why I find some comfort in meditation and contemplation.  I believe in the power of positive thinking, being kind to humans and animals, and giving of oneself.  I believe, too, that if there's a God or a  higher power, we can not fully understand, as it is beyond our human comprehension.  Over the centuries mankind has neatly packaged this concept of God to control others, to define life, or to offer some hope of an afterlife.  That's why I'm not a fan of organized religion, though I appreciate the sense of community and support that it provides for many.

I'm impressed by people of strong faith and I've often felt that I want to believe, but I can't but help but feel that choosing to believe this way or that way would be like closing my mind to all the other possibilities out there.  Perhaps, as some believe, all roads lead to the same way and it matters not what path we take, so long as we journey with happiness and faith.

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There is one organization that can explain the God that is in th bible. If you want to learn more you can go a check it out. They welcome everyone who wants to know the identity of God with no judgements or basing anything on their own personal beliefs. You should check it out. There website is

I think it ironic that after your Preist told you not to ask any questions that you were driven away from God, but now you wrote that " I believe, too, that if there's a God or a  higher power, we can not fully understand, as it is beyond our human comprehension." To me that sounds like what the Preist said to you. I believe you are headed in the wrong direction with your beliefs, just like the Preist your taking the easy way out, just believing what's easy to believe without building a firm foundation on truth that cannot be shaken. I would recommend finding a solid man who can help you work through your questions instead of false guides who give easy answers.

While The Shack lifted my heart up spiritually, I struggled so long on a logical level, asking many and more of those same ever-present questions that seemed to poke holes in my beliefs. Then one day (I don't even know why, half out of genuine curiosity half wanting to sneer at his bland, unfufilling answers I'd been hearing all my life) I bought a book called The Reason For God and read it. My mind was so stretched and I was challenged, thinking logically through the faith questions that for so long were mysterious and frankly disturbing to me. It really helped me, and I'm not sure if you're struggling more on the heart or mind side of faith in God, but as far as mind goes, The Reason For God was an answer to my searching. I had read The Shack a few years earlier and that really brought a beautiful perspective to the heart and God's love

have you read the book .THE SHACK it may help answer some of your thoughts ,another good one is LORD I WANT TO BE WHOLE by stormie omartian ,,<br />
God BLess !!