Where To Now?

 I've been living with God or whom I thought God was for about 20 Years now but the past year I've been struggling to find God Face to face. I've gone through many challenges in work and life the past year, and it made me doubt Gods love for me, and even worse it made me think that God does not even exist or care in any way for me or any one else.

But I know that I do still long to meet him and know Him personally. I'm not talking knowing Him through Bible study and Christian friends,I'm talking about knowing and experiencing Him in everyday life and within every day's challenges. If there's someone out there going through the same challenging times and struggles please let me know. And help me to find God again. (But I do believe that If God really wanted to He could meet me, without the help of mankind)

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Hello. The only way to know and experience God is to seek him bro, thats the only. Insisting god to find you and to feel him incorrect. "those who seek me earnestly....with all their hear..will find me.." And thats seeking his commandment first in the bible and the one and only true church. Let me know if you need anything. Im here for you.

Search inside yourself....And you will find what you seek.

I am so sorry in tears for you; God is (everywhere). You were raised as a "slave" to religion, much like me. I can tell u are a youthfull enterpriser of "God". God is neither a him nor (her). "salvation is (free) salvation is comming to knowledge that (YOU) are a living "Idea" of the almighty creator. The Gnostic Jesus even taught the very same idea.... Youv been @ home-plate since day no# one

Dear Jakkals,<br />
I had been searching for God throughout my life. Ever since I was a child, I used to feel a deep longing and an emptiness which would never go away. At first, I used to think that it was because of certain situations in my life, as i didn't have a happy childhood. Later on, things changed. Everything in my life turned from negative to positive. But that emptiness didnt go away. Four years back, while continuously searching for God, I walked into a Brahmakumaris centre. Little did I know that I was actually going to meet God! From that day onwards, I have a personal interaction with God, I feel so much happiness and bliss in my life, so much contentment, and that emptiness has dissapeared, now it is full of love of God. You know what was the most wonderful thing I discovered? That God loves me so much! I dont have to be afraid of him. I can share anything with him. He will answer any questions. God's love, I discovered, is a selfless one. Even if you abuse him, he will still love you. If you would like to know how to connect with that supreme lord, you can visit the website www.bkwsu.com, from where you can get the address of the centre in whichever country you are. May god bless you and help you in finding him! all the best.

Seek for the answer within

I also struggled with this once a very long time ago.All I can say is that I had to open my mind and heart and really listen.I had to find the God of my understanding...not someone else's.I now know that God has always been there for me and walked beside me.<br />
I hope you find him as he is there.

God speaks to us constantly- not thru books, nor by prophets or preachers nor thru stone tablets nor a "burning-bush" to read the stone tablets by- but speaks to us in the "holy silence" of our own hearts. <br />
<br />
You yearn to know God better & this is "evidence" that God is already (within you) otherwise- you would have no desire to even seek Gods face at all. God is all about peace, love & perpetual forgiveness.<br />
<br />
But, "man" is all about greed, war, punishment & justice- but I just bet you already knew this... <br />
<br />
Where ever God is at is called (holy ground) & if the kingdom of God is within you- then... "so is the king!" ...(Welcome home...:)

if you find him, can you tell him he let things get really out of hand down here. kthx!