Having Issues

Well hi I'm new to this but I want to share my story to see if anybody else has been through what I have been through. Well it all started in Oct. 09 and I was laying in bed and my arm started hurting and I told my boyfriend about it and he said it was probably was from me sleeping on my arm. But then the next week the pain moved to my chest then he said it was anxiety. I was crying cause I was scared because I thought I was dying I was FREAKING OUT!!! So I went to the emergency room has EKG taking and they said it was anxiety and I should go to mental health. Well a month passed and I was getting worst I couldn't sleep I was staying up all night because I was scared to go to sleep cause I was scared I wouldn't wake up! So then I went to my mom and cryed to her and I told her I needed help. So I went to the doctor and he gave me xanax, ambien, and blood pressure pills. They worked for awhile but I couldn't take the ambien cause it made me feel drunk. So then I got sick of it and walked into the mental health and they seen me right away cause I was sitting there crying and she told me that everything was going to be alright. Well now I go talk to this women twice a week.  And she made me go see a doctor and she put me on zolaft. OMG!!! talk about the worst med ever! I started feeling really panicky almost like I couldn't stay still. Then me and my boyfriend went on a road trip and I started thinking well I was in the car my mind was telling me to open the door and jump out! Holy crap! so I fought that thought and started having a panic attack. When I got home I went in my room and started crying cause I felt that something was truly wrong with me. So my boyfriend came in and talked to me. I told him that I was having crazy thoughts I told him it must have been the zolaft so I quit taking them. I told my counsoler that I was having very bad reactions to the med. So then I thought well maybe I will do the herbal thing so I started taking St. John Wort and it didnt help at all. So I quit that now my bones are really hurting my neck my head feels like its gonna explode seriously!!! I can't think straight its like I can't remember nothing and I cry about it all the time. My arm is constantly hurting. My hands are cramping up! Wtf is up that!!! I cry everyday about this and I don't now what to do about it!!! I know how it started this all happened because my boyfriend got a job and I was scared he was going to go out on me!!! So I worried about it all the time now I dont worry about it at all cause he quit his job just to stay home with me. But I'm in so much pain and I dont know what I can do to make it all go away. Is there someone out there that has had this much pain and if so what did you do to make it go away. I was once a very happy person man I was really fun to be around now I'm so scared of even going places its like I get anxiety all day long and at night I get so depressed. I never took drug a day in my life the only thing I use to do is drink mountain dew and smoke cigerattes. Now I'm so scared to even have sugar!!!! But I smoke way to much cigerattes during the day! My head hurt all the time just like I have like a foggy feeling like I don't know what I'm doing have of the time it mostly hurts in the back of my head. Well thats enough complaining for me I hope someone can help me out there and give me some advise on what to do.

RhawnieKateri RhawnieKateri
26-30, F
Feb 14, 2010