In Search Of My Fathers Family

All my life I have had this hole in my life. My father he never was a part of my life. Probably more my mother's doing than his. He never got to see me and I never knew what he looked like until I was 13 and found hidden pictures of him. So I know he remarried and I know I have two siblings. I know my grandmother was rosemary darrah, my father stephen darrah. And that he came from golden city, missouri. And that's about it my mom married him in enid oklahoma. It has been hard not to know what anyone on his side is like or looks like. I have wanted to contact anyone for as long as I could remember.I recently tried on facebook to find some people but I know that there are 500 darrah on facebook so, that was a little disheartening to learn. It has been a little stressful tyo do this, but I feel it is time to kn ow the truth. What ever it may be. I know the lies I have been told all my life and I am ready, I don't know if they are ready or even know about me. I do know that my dad died or supposedly died in 88. But i don't know if that is true either. I would like to hear from anyone who is in the darrah family and may have information, or anyone who is also searching for their own family and any sucesses or helpful things to do.

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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Unless your grandfather was also named Stephen or there were 2 Stephen Darrahs in Golden City MO, records indicate that Stephen S Darrah was living at 401 Maple in Golden City in 1997. So he may not have died in '88.
Source Good luck in your search.