Out There Somewhere

I'm looking for the Mickey to my Mallorie. I'm looking for the one guy that really gets it. The one to join me on my exploits and the one who will watch my back. I know he's out there and one day, I will find him.
AttackedByMonsters AttackedByMonsters
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

i'm hoping to one day find the Bonnie to my Clyde , keep your head up , i'm sure you'll find who you are looking for one day( i haven't seen natural born killers yet , but i want to .)

I hope you find him. Make it fun for him and enjoy his occasional bouts of jealousy. We can't help that. Just remember, guys can be mischeivous too, and some of us are sufficiently secure that we can handle other guys desperately wanting you if teasing is a part of the "crime".