My Benny and June Lol

How come people i know just cant be more like me, "latch on to a stronger person", yes i am looking for a partner in crime, but just as my sidekick, If i say "lets go to ann arbor" they say "**** yeah", if i say "lets get trashed off natural sleeping pills, wine, and benedryl" they say "pass the ******* night time coffee syrup, so i can kill two birds with one stone", i dont get it everyone claims they want to be free from the institutions in society, like work, etc.., but really don't! i cant lie i do intend on finishing school, but who said there aren't Internet classes or schools every where you go. I want some one who is submissive, has sexual stamina, optimistic, impatient, inf actuated with me, broke, and  a philosophy major. to name a few..... i meet guys everyday, but they are either to afraid of getting hurt or *****'s. Ethan hawke in reality bites was awesome (maybe not that hot or he would overshadow me), but doable lol!!!

maniachick maniachick
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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

thanks, i love ep i can vent all my ****** upness!