What Does This Mean?

What does it mean to search for yourself? I look down i see my body. Doesn't go anywhere with out me. I get asked what i want for dinner i can give an answer so i know how it is i am feeling. I know wether i hate or love my job. If i am doing something on my free time i must like it to a degree or i wouldn't be doing it.

I think people searching for themselves just haven't accepted or seen how they changed yet.

Arorin Arorin
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We don't have a deep purpose. We live, and we die that is it. All we have is our one life, and what we do with it before death. There is no real purpose with our lives, but to live until we die.

You are not your body, it is merely a means to exist in the physical world. You are not your emotions, they are like the ocean, an endless ebb and flow. You are not your analytical mind, your mind just helps you process data. You are more than that, deeper than that. It isn't about your job, your family, your ego, it is about something way deeper and more infinite than that. The empty spaces we seek to fill are a search for our essence, our deeper purpose...

Can't get anywhere without direction.

you're right. to be honest i don't remember what really makes me smile much anymore and to think about it would only lead me to searching. waking up in the morning and knowing i have a good plan for the day is a start. i think if i did take time to think then it would become more clear. i just need to focus.

It is as simple as i put. If people don't feel it is then they are making the choice for it to not be simple. Finding your self isn't hard to do. Take time to think back about things and you will see. Do you remember the things that put a smile on your face? if it made you smile it once it will probably do so again, so anyone can find the things they enjoy.

well i just think it's more deeper than just the physical. most times people have a hard time in life because they don't know those things. they don't know what they want to do or be. they don't know where they want to go in life. sometimes they feel stuck where they are and don't know a way out. it's kind of like a spiritual journey to finding and completing yourself to feel whole and that you are finally the person you've known you wanted to be, but couldn't get to exactly.<br />
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i wish it were as simple as you've put it though. perhaps it can be, but somewhere we just make it more complicated than it should be...

I have had that happen before! Was ridding my bike in the forest and to avoid a pot hole i went to the left were there was a tree. It probably had a diameter of 3" and my leg went through it. caused a little bruise but i was ok.

and once a tree jumped in front of me and scared me<br />
<br />

of course! it is like a dream catcher to ward off evil spirits and such.

yeah i know its almost big enough to hold a brick back there...

those sofa's... just come out of nowhere don't they!

who you are is simple. You have a name don't you? why look any farther then that?

yes I agree <br />
<br />
I sometimes wonder who I am or what I want<br />
<br />
always changing and trying to be a better me