In Need Of A Reason

No one knows gods plan for themselves, and everyone wonders, i wonder what im is everyday, and why i have gone through what i have and why things i want things so deeply that just dont happen, why i pray all day for something to be let down and disappointed in what god will not allow for, i dont understand why we wont bless me with what i ask for, when i am not wishing for alot, or asking for a million dollars. so i ask again here and now, for god to blese me with a gift. the gift of a new life
0911mom 0911mom
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Hey 0911mom, I came across your post and just felt like I should share. I spent 25 years asking God for the things that I wanted and was only disappointed. Now, instead, I am learning to ask God what He wants. It's the great reversal. As I seek HIS will, I find blessings that I didn't even know I needed but are better than the things I asked for. For all 25 years, I could have quoted you "seek first the Kingdom of God and then all these things shall be added," but when it finally becomes more than just words and you actually start wanting the things of God MORE than the things of this world...then a whole new world opens up...something change...your relationships change.

In just one week, all I did was try to change one thing about myself that had nothing to do with my wife, but it was in obedience to God. In that very first week, my wife said that I had been more affectionate, more communicative, etc., and my marriage, which wasn't bad, is doing even better. I didn't even realize that I had changed anything in relation to her...but when your priorities line up, for some reason...ALL your priorities start lining up right without even necessarily trying. I'm not saying it's easy or a fix-all...I still have my inherent weaknesses, etc., to deal with...but when I take the focus off of myself and put it onto God, it just works better.

Anyway, not sure what you are dealing with or struggling with, but hope that maybe my story might provide some encouragement for you.