The Evening That Will Haunt Me Forever

It was 5 in the evening and almost had left the college.As i was heading towards the parkin area,,i heard faint noises ,,seemed like someone struggling for like someone's is being strangled.I ran towards the rounded stairs and found a guy and a girl .When i reached there i saw a guy n a girl .I felt embarrassed coz it seemed that they were makin out and stuff.I retreated back when i heard the girl's cry again behind my back .So i once again went to their side and i went really close so that i could look what was goin on.The girl's top was drifted way down her neckline and she was exposed against her will as i saw the marks of her struggle on her neck and the chest area.I realized what was goin on.I charged towards the guy and before i could get hold of him or know who he was,,he ran way,,i didn try n chase him coz the poor girl had tears streaming down her eyes.I had never seen in the college before.She was feelin embarrassed coz of her torn top and she had her hands up on her chest area.I gave her my jacket.She was so afraid that she didn take it at first but then i assured her that everythin was alright and just put the jacket around her shoulders.I held her close coz she started cryin really loud now.I brought her out of the basement area into where my bike was parked.She told me that she lived nearby in a rented apartment,,so i dropped her there in front of her place,,but she was still sobbing.I let her into her apartment.It was very neat.As she stepped inside ,,i stopped from goin in further and went towards my bike.I t was then that i heard her talk for the first time as she said thank u in a very shrill voice.My heart went to her and i wanted to hug her tight and assure her that everythin's gonna be okay.Instead i just nodded and went away.The next day after the college was over i found my jacket lying on my bike with a rose and a thank u note in its pocket.But i could never see her again.The next few days i tried my best to find out her name,,class,,subjects and stuff but i didn know anythin about her so i just couldn't locate her.A wee k later ,,i remember it was Friday evening as i went to her apartment coz i was so restless to meet her,,dont ask me why,,,,coz i don know myself.But at her apartment i saw a little lock .I visited her apartment a couple of times for the next two days but still there was that lock.Even at college i found myself lookin for her but could never see her again.I thought maybe she's left the place.Then the next weekend i as i went to her apartment,,i saw lights inside and i stopped there and without thinkin anythin i knocked on the door .But instead of her an old lady appeared from the door and when i asked her if any young girl of my age lived there.She just nodded and banged the door at my face.I couldn't understand why she behaved in that manner.Now.,it's been over a year since that incident.I have passed my college and started workin but still her memory lingers in my mind and i keep on searchin for her as if tryin to collect the one last piece of a puzzle.
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Sep 21, 2012