True Friends?

A true friend:

someone who will be there for you through think and thin

someone to laugh with(not at) and have fun with

someone to share your life with

someone who does not put you last on their things to do (of course you might not always come first that is understandable, but you should never ever be last)

Someone who genuinely cares about you

I have never understood or liked superficial friendships. The kind of people who run into you at the store who say "oh it's so great to see you", give you a hug, tell you that the two of you should get together sometime and then they talk about you behind your back.

It makes me so sad that no one cares, genuinely cares about anyone else. Most people only care about themselves. Have you heard about trial marriages? It makes me sick to my stomach! People just don't take anything seriously! Trial marriages are when a couple says lets get married, we'll try it for 6months and if it doesn't work we will get divorced. To me marriage is a sacred thing... the same with friendship, it should be taken seriously.

My best friend of 7 years just wrote me the worst letter telling me that she didn't want to be friends any more. It was completely out of the blue. She said that she would be happy if we weren't friends any more and that I was a horrible friend. I especially didn't understand it because I had been being so supportive of her while she was going through a tough time. I latter spoke to her mom, and her mother told me a long stupid story that basically came down to she did it for attention. And I feel that it was the ultimate be trail to through away our friendship over something so stupid, that didn't even have anything to do with me in the end.

But she has been my closest friend for the last 7 years, we have not been friends for 2 months now. She hurt me pretty bad but I want to move on with my life and how perfect that I found this site. I guess I am hoping to find some people who know how to be true friends because I am not capable of having stupid superficially friendships.

And I'm sorry this was so long.

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3 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Hi Misadventurer, don't be sorry about telling your story - long or short, you deserve better! I know you will find another good friend - and you know, you can always email me... I'll be your friend. I take friendship very seriously!<br />
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Hope to hear from you girl!!<br />
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It sounds like you are a very good friend. I feel bad that you are so far away from your friend. But it is never to late to find a good true friend they are hard to find but I do believe they are out there. One will randomly just show up in your life one day.

I can relate to most of your story. The problem I have is that I try to get close to people and then I get hurt. When I think we can be really good friends that is when I find they don't need my shoulder to cry on, my advice, or a good ole pat on the back anymore and its see ya. Time after time this has happened to me. I am a very caring person. I believe that friendship is some one you share your life with, your feelings, and experiences with (good or bad), but for some reason I get the shaft. Your right people don't take friendships seriously, they take them as they need them and when they don't they move on. I want to have a true friendship with somebody, but I have come to a point in my life that I am just not meant to have a friendships like that, just acquintances. I do have one good friend, I have known her for over 18 years. She lives very far and we don't see each other, just communicate by email. You at least can have the memories of a 7 year friendship (good or bad), even if she didn't take it seriously.