What Is The Truth?

We may never know the truth, maybe it's just not meant to be. I have realized that religions seem to have there parallels, but what seems to get to me is how much everything makes sense to me. If you are not understanding what I'm saying I'm going to tell you to watch this documentary it was introduced to me by my canadian friend at the time. It is called Zeitgeist, it will blow your mind! There's two documentaries, I recommend both. Perhaps, you already know about it. If not you need to watch it and then converse with me about it. I find it extremely interesting and you definitely will too! It's not even hard to watch because it draws you in to hear more and  more but it is pretty long. In your free time watch it, ever since I saw it I have questioned this life I live. I would just like to know if there are other people like that out there who do the same.
chenauskyo chenauskyo
Oct 5, 2010