If you don't want God, fine, I'll stop being whatever you said you wanted me to be.  God's Kingdom doesn't have to be run by Dad, me and holiness anymore.  But it was nice to get bunch of ideas from the time I was here.  Let's make a whole new world like this one but with a twist.  Of course I want that world to be in harmony forever, but it didn't even work now, so why would it work ever?  Tell me exactly what you want, because I will not give you anything you don't want.   This world is not worth even pursuing anymore.  How should it end? You decide.  Do you want a huge massive explosion of asteroids?  Or an awesome volcanic eruptions?  It has to make sense though.  Everyone randomly dying for no reason is not even a good conclusion.  It has to be something.  I don't even think allowing .00001 % of the human population survive is that entertaining either. Earthquakes anyone?  I love the sound it makes.  Boom, Crackle.  Dying of a spectacular death is a death worth dying.  Hmm... how should I die?  Should I stand on an altar, and say... "Hallejuiah" and oh wow, umm... maybe say on 2012, "Hallejuia-- ah?" "RUN!!!"  "Ahhh,, the world is ending! Then the events stop.  "Whew!"  Then the events gets worse than before.   This world gotta end with a boom people.  It's not a world worth living if all you are going to do with it is nothing productive.  Play nice!  No one wants a bully.  I don't know... I don't have to die.  I kind of want to see the Rainbows again.  A watery death? Anyone?  Dying will never be so beautiful as this.  Awww.... but then how will the covenent of Rainbows match up with the story again?  Shoot.  No rainbows.   Great... I know everything.  The story is not going to end.  I know a lot of people who likes this story.  It wouldn't be fair.   Hmm...  Well if I die, that's bogus.  It would be like, uh... dude you shot the main character!  Now what?  I don't know who's the main character in this story yet.   But I'm the one helping with this story.  You can't have a story without the means to have one.  Soo.... now what?  You don't like this story, but you did all the subplots, dialogues, and a lot of it was pretty, I don't know... Lame?  I tried to make it work, and unfortunately there are people who wants to make it work.  Okay... if you all just wanna stop this story, it would be fine to do so.   It's getting very lame.  I don't have to be Called God.   I really don't.  You can call me Joe.  and make it a Flying Spaghetti Monster.  That was actually a very fascinating idea.  I loved it. Actually.    Umm... the story most people want to see is Me, okay, okay, you don't have to call me that, but the Son of God Suffer so tremendously forever and ever.  Hey.  I can do that.  But umm... ???????????????   What a great ending! NOT really.  So... 2012?  I like the life I'M living.... so 2012, yeah right.  That's what? going make me the age... 22?    Umm... I kind of like the Universe.   You get to taste variety of flavors, smell different fragrances, so forth.  I don't know....  Give me a good reason to continue the Kingdom of God.  Then I will ponder.  Another story would be kind of ridiculous.  You can do better.  But if you don't even care, then you ruin the fun for everyone else.  New story.  Hopefully it will be peace/ harmony, but I have a story in mind.  It is up to you all.  If you do not want a story where you have to get along with everyone, and everyone disagrees.  Then we can settle it like this.  We all hold hands whenever everyone wants the crappy story to stop, and be filled with love, and through the Holy Spirit, be transported like the mayans to a whole new place, called the Kingdom of God.   Would you Love that to happen at the End of the Mayan calendar?  It would fulfill all the covenants made and we can all appreciate, accept, and love one another without another dispute.  I really like this story.  It should be the only story. That way everyone can do what disney says, "and they lived happily ever after".  Or, you can ask me to suffer tremendously in Hell forever, so that Son of God can keep everyone else out of the very unwitting place.  And I never get to see what's going on, because I am in Hell.  BORING!  (don't literally do this) Go to www.GodLovesYou.com and file out a request for eternal life.  Shipping cost is free,  You will get it in approximately three business days.  This is an unlimited time offer.  If you don't, you will get a sticker in the mail to put on your forehead with the word "Bozo!"  Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
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3 Responses Nov 5, 2010

What in the hell are you talking about?

Oh and one more thing. Popping into existence then popping out of existence doesn't really work. Anyone can pull you back into Existence. There are evidences, holes, tracks of you existing. Believe me, I don't get bored. I possess the property of Eternity. Oh my.

This is it. If you don't want absolute Perfection, fine. Just remember, this is a one time chance. If you can't accept perfection, Maternal One, Me, Holiness will never even try again. I mean, anything that I can't do, the other Exactly Like me, well, don't need to either. I don't need you , and you obviously don't need me. I love randomness. I mean, you are going to live forever regardless. I don't need God's kingdom at all. Just use your brain. When you say God hate faggots, then why do you love a God that doesn't love everyone no matter what? Or, for you Christians. Screaming at the top of your lungs is not going to get you salvation. I mean, I love seeing you try, but I'd rather you use your voice as you WANT to use it. Did you ever ask God-that-is-about-to-Quit any thing you wanted to know? No. You asked stuff like, Where did God come from? Um... the answer is YOU! YOU wanted the me, and other Exactly like me, to be God, well, to let you know, I don't need to be God, and also, other Exactly Like me will probably say the same thing. So.... umm... do you want to spend time with me? We are all going to live forever.