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I grew up in a christian home, and until I was 18 I accepted christian beliefs and teaching as truth.  After turning 18 I began experiencing things that led me to question what I had been taught.  I have found too many holes in christian teachings now for me to accept them as complete truth.  This has caused problems for me because I also always believed that your beliefs define who you are.

I am now in a search for truth, a search that has led me to study many different beliefs though none seem to quite feel right.  Since I have yet to find a set of beliefs, I have resorted to merely searching for what I call my inner truth.  I rely on an array of quotes and teachings from different belief systems to guide me on how to live.  Many of which include native american, buddhist, and new age beliefs.  I examine each teaching I come across very carefully to determine its value to me.  I implement universal religious methods (such as meditation) as tools for me to make my way through each possibility.  I hope that one day I can come to peace with my inner self through finding truth, enlightenment, and joy.

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Love it thats all you need<br />
Beyleb, above Is video of url Dr Zakir naik pls swath it , upto end and more on that.<br />
You will come to know many answers and knowledge, this video Is so interesting.<br />
God bless you and guide you the right path.

thank u :)

Interesting story. I've always had questions about christianity and the bible as i couldn't understand the contradictions there and no one has ever been able to give me any answers or proofs so i started reading books and searching for the truth and it was only when i got to Islam and read the Quran that i found my answers and proofs of the existence of one God and many many prophets, i learned how to connect to God and i feel his presence in my life everyday now.. hope u find your way and connect to God as well :)

" O ye who believes remember Allah very often and glorify Him morning and evening." (33:41-2)
Al Quran.

Pls carry on reading,Allah is guiding you to right path,
Always keep in mind, truth crushed the head of lie.
truth is standing firm and reveal him self, but
lie has no foundation.
Here Is a video Introduction of Islam, read it very care fully, Allah ( God of Jesus,Abraham. Moses and all others many messengers) bless you and take you accept Islam with full faith,with out doubt In one God, he Is not alone Muslim,s God, as some ignorant try to misguide people who try find a truth, He Is one,one and only one God,
Do not participate any partner with him,
Islamic introduction videos
Here is introduction video, url and pls Watch Dr Zakir naik videos about Islam.

Just read Quran, truth is going to meet you, surly God guides those who are finding the truth

would you like to read something that fill the holes you can find in most of the main religions?

thank you very much for sharing. i have been through the same journey myself and i have found that my journey has shaped my beliefs into what i feel is a good representation of what i feel to be true (not just of convenience to me or my ideas, i have added values along the way). i think taking the time to really question our beliefs and in reality, ourselves, can really affirm or strengthen our beliefs and nurture confidence in ourselves. although my path led me almost completely back to the beginning, i now have a set of almost completely parallel beliefs (taken from other religions that eventually ended up reflecting my previous beliefs) and some new and cherished additions as well! i wish you luck in our journey!