Still Got Some Way to Go....

But I think I'm getting there :)

I'm still young. And everyday I'm learning more about myself. That's the truth part. I don't know myself completely, but I've noticed a change in myself in the past year. I guess it's just 'growing up', but it feels good to trust, and respect myself more and more each day. As far as enlightenment goes... I get that from my fantastic relationship, my beautiful boyfriend and different successes, I guess. My boy has helped me  grow up a lot. I guess because I was fairly new to this 'real' relationship thing, and he's a bit older than me too. But he makes me feel good about myself too. Successes like feeling good about my overall organisation and time management, successes in terms of uni grades - that's what I've got to start working on next semester. My priorities aren't in the right place for me to be doing the best I can, or even well. But I find it so hard to rearrange my priorities when in my heart they're that way because that's the way I like it... And I'm a stubborn person, who follows their heart. So it's hard. But I'm gonna try. And on top of all that I am learning to feel more confident within myself. And I think that's ultimately what makes a person have true happiness. Which is all we're really looking for isn't it? But we all know that's easier said than done to fix! I am grateful to be in a positive frame of mind about everything though. I don't want to be down about the mistakes I made, I want to be excited about the improvements I can make ahead, and the good that can come from it.


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3 Responses Jun 29, 2009

I found a lot of that when I became an atheist and decided use reason to solve my problems. Things are a lot easier now and I feel grounded in reality, like I have my feet firmly planted and can get some traction. Even when something happins that I can't explaine I know that science has explained a lot of things allready and even a lot of very weird stuff like quantum mechanics. Its best to be reasonable and sceintific and not jump to conclusions.


I use to seach for truth, enlightment and joy but now I just search for the TV remote.