I think I was born a seeker.  I've sought, and I search, and I've searched and I seek but for what is undefined strictly because it changes consistently.

Perhaps what I'm searching for this time is "why?".   I've never believed in the god of my youth, and I haven't discovered a replacement god.  I've never believed this world was exactly as it appeared and because of my innate drive to search, and my better than average ability to find, process, and move forward, I've found many ways where it's not the world people think it is and it's exactly what they think at the same time.  I'm constantly looking for new information on random subjects that always seem to tie together somehow.  So, when I say that I am searching for the answer to "why?" I mean specifically "Why was I born to search in a world of non-seekers?"  Or perhaps, "Why do they not understand the beauty, control, and wonderment in the search?"


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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

"The unexamined life is not worth living"<br />
"Question everything"<br />
"I believe in nothing, everything is sacred; I believe in everything, nothing is sacred"