My Wilted Dandelions Glowed In Her Best Vase In the Center of the Most Elegant Table Setting. . .

It did not matter if they were starting to wither up and the little white feathers would float merrily across the table into Momma's best casserole or roast .  

Our little scribbles graced every corner of the house in awesum little frames of various sizes, shapes , some handcrafted by our own little hands...some elegant and lovely and somehow everything in the whole house blended Momma's soul with her castle.


Nothing was too much for her try once, and she not only cooked the best homemade meals, breads , donuts, and canned everything that was readily available , but she also weilded a hammer and helped to the very home we lived in while carrying me in her womb all the way to her very day of delivery.

When Daddy sawed and cut wood...there she always was (and is) by his side...

You can count on her to be there for a listening ear and never critisizm, maybe a tad of gentle motherly advice.

I could and will go on later..but i would love to hear others BRAG about their Momma's and why they also know they are the BEST and why they've been the best example of MOM and strive to be only half as good !

sweetdreamsaremadeofthis sweetdreamsaremadeofthis
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