What Do I Do? Should I Seek Counselling Or Go For Deliverance In Church?

i was once addicted to ************ and also used to watch **** a lot. i used to feel guilty afterwards and pray for forgiveness. all of a sudden after about 10 years of this bondage i realized i was free. but after sometime i realised that i was getting really attracted to other women. i am a christian and this has been bothering me a lot. i am also attracted to guys. but its like i feel more attracted to other women. i look at their boobs and butt and start feeling strange feelings like lust? please is it normal? what do i do?.
maryslessor1 maryslessor1
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Good seek for counseling I'm going to one too. I feel attracted to someone andI told that person.

Am also Christian, married and am attracted to younger women and older guys....I don't pursue it or have had relations with others since i married. But the desire is n there. i ********** thinking of other guys,,,

I too am a Christian .. But have sexual
Desires for some women .. But I also like men

There's nothing wrong with you maryslessor1 . Read my reply to Britt41. You need to realize your desires and accept them as part of you. Go for it and good luck. You'll never experience anything like it. It's as natural as ************ only a lot better.

I'm in the exact same position. I've always been straight but I have this crazy desire fr a woman, and i'm a very strong Christian.

I am christian too and a church goer. You can't help what you are and how you feel. Women have been with each other for ever. It's as natural as being straight.

Same situation here. I keep on loving my wife but sometimes I cheat her. Not with my heart but with my body. I ask God tofoegive And to change me. And Hè does step nu step! Amen!

I have seen others in your position walk in a whole new freedom. It came through prayer and open and honest conversations with like-minded Christians. Christians are NOT issue free. We need help and others to help us along the way. There is hope for you!

I am in a similar position, I always thought I was straight, and then I see women and the idea of being with them turns me on as well as men. But I dont know what to do, I would see it as normal and that you shouldnt worry.

Go for it. It's perfectly natural, like playing with yourself!