Maybe It's Just People I'm Attracted To

First off, I am a happily married young woman and I'm also kind of confussed.  My husband was out at the bar one night (which is fine by the way, I do it too haha), and when I spoke to him the next day he told me this story.  The bartender there had also been drinking a little and when he told her that she could come stay in out spare room instead of driving home she told him "To hell with that, I'm going to sleep with her wife and grope her till she wakes up."  It's not that she was serious, I know she wasn't in a great state of mind, but the point is now I'm curious.  What would it be like?  What would I do?  Many a girl has been kissed by these lips and I'll admit that I liked it, so....I just would like....some opinions maybe.
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4 Responses Mar 1, 2011

I went into a LGBT chat room once exploring the world of bisexuality because I was confused-how could I be so attracted to women and still attracted to men? I put it out there "maybe I'm just attracted to people". Maybe it was their energy or that lustful connection when we made eye contact-I was shot down by at least 50 lesbian and gay chatters claiming they knew exactly which gender turned them on and it had nothing to do with genderless attraction. How do they know? I had the same thoughts, maybe it's the person and gender doesn't come into play for some of us??

on a side note: My BF (who's a girl) and I were discussing role dynamics of relationships. She found it interesting (from her psychology standpoint) that I am a natural submissive in the bedroom with my husband, but fantasize of being a total dominate in the bedroom with a female. Does this mean I have mommy issues? LOL


As above really. Make sure you're comfortable and both happy to go at the right pace for you. Most importantly: enjoy :)

Take your time and pick someone you'd really like. I bet no one will try to stop you.