i used to go toschool w this girl. i feel attracted to her. we are close ... but i  just want to kiss her soft pink lips . and enjoy... that  always happens to  me, does tht make me bi?
iamdiffrent2 iamdiffrent2
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No, it doesn't make you necessarily bi. I know how you feel. I have felt so attracted to some girls too. I wonder what might happen if I act on my feelings. I didn't because I didn't want to hurt my relationships. But, as far as being bi, so what if you are? There are plenty of bi people out there and it's not a bad thing.

Nope, I think that it just is that you feel closer to girls because you can relate to them better then guys. Now, if you act on your thoughts and actually have romantic relations then yes you would be concidered bi. As long as you haven't reacted sexually and only fanticized about it, you are not necessarily concidered to be bi.

nop, but before yea