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Basic Instinct

I am attracted to most women I see on the metro or street.i am married and love my wife a lot.
I dont know if its love cos if it was I would not be attracted to every other women.any one out there
Feel the same. I feel that we are just like animals tired by the rules of society, defined marriage, coined a term called love and if
You can't stand up to it its cheating in plain english.
do all the men feel the same.
Vkrmhj Vkrmhj 31-35 2 Responses May 12, 2012

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I had The Same thought And feelings. I couldn't believe that I was alone. I went counceling And discovered that I am a SEX-addicted.
I grew up without parents And sex was a drug to fill my lonelyness. Now I am married And I love my wife. But I always geel attracted to older woman. Especcially BBW And chubby women.

why do you think so many husbands and boyfriends are sharing their women?? those women are wanting and are deserving to be satisfied! if you can't do it... let another guy pick up where you left off! there's no shame... it's all about her and her satisfaction! just let her have her own way, encourage her, and be there when she needs your approval! you'll benefit in the long run! no one is going to replace you, and no one wants anything more than having a little fun with a sexy moment!