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Basic Instinct

I am attracted to most women I see on the metro or street.i am married and love my wife a lot.
I dont know if its love cos if it was I would not be attracted to every other women.any one out there
Feel the same. I feel that we are just like animals tired by the rules of society, defined marriage, coined a term called love and if
You can't stand up to it its cheating in plain english.
do all the men feel the same.
Vkrmhj Vkrmhj 31-35 1 Response May 12, 2012

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I had The Same thought And feelings. I couldn't believe that I was alone. I went counceling And discovered that I am a SEX-addicted.
I grew up without parents And sex was a drug to fill my lonelyness. Now I am married And I love my wife. But I always geel attracted to older woman. Especcially BBW And chubby women.