Love? How Can I Be Physically Attracted To Other Woman.....

I dont know what to say...I guess I will start with the fact that I have never been with a guy or girl sexually or even had a relationship with anyone, I flirt with guys here and there and they give me butterflies and then I step back when they want a relationship. I am in college now and I'm only 17th my love life is almost none existence unless you count my fantasies. But I began to except something about me the fact that i might be attracted to other girls its weird for me though I mean I never wanted to admit before so I just push it away like I do guys when they want more then a friendship. I am religiuos but I wasn't raised in a strict christian family and I mean I would never tell this to my mom or anyone else in my family but I been dreaming about women more and more sexually. I mean as a kid it was just looking at them and little girl crushes but now its full on Love. And its hard for me to push these feelings aside when left and right girls are asking me out or asking me what my sexually oreintation is. Every since middle school every year there was a new girl asking me out and I would just smile and say "I'm straight", not really knowing for sure but now that I'm in college their temptation every where. And I can't stop my self from smiling back or allowing them to hold me longer then usual but I feel like I'm not lesbian because I like men and I can't be bisexual because I feel like I don't know I guess what I am asking is can I really know what my sexual oreintation is if I never really allowed anyone to be in a relationship with me.This is consuming meandI don't want do something I will regret or will destroy my relationship with god why do I have to be the one out of everyone in my family to feel this way to have these feelings I feel like the world wants me to be one way and my heart wants me to be something different.
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oh men.. why do i completely relate to how u feel?? i know right i hate this feeling i mean we really are in the same situation and i myself don't even know my sexual orientation... damn i hate this confusion

I think its very natural for a woman to physically attracted to other womans body, I mean look at it its majestical and beautiful we can't help it, You would have to really think about what you want out of a person sexually and mentally before you make the decision on whether your straight or gay it doesn't have to be a over night, take some time experimenting your in college this stuff happens to many of straight people. And if you find out that your bi or lesbian embrace or else you are only going to hurting you.

I can't offer any advice on the religious end of your dilemma because I'm not religious and don't know a whole lot about it. But I can say it's alright to be attracted to both sexes. Perhaps, without going too far, you can try spending time with someone you are attracted to from both sexes. You don't have to "go all the way" in order to find out if your are truly sexually attracted to that person or not. Spend some alone time with a guy and try kissing him and see how your body reacts....then spend some time alone with another woman and try kissing her and see how your body reacts to her. That should give you a good idea on how you feel sexually. Once you figure it out, in my opinion, you need to follow your heart or you may never be totally happy. Could be too that you end up liking both men and women.....being bi-sexual is alot more common than you think. And if you find you are gay or lesbian, that's fine that is alot more openly accepted than ever.