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Ok so i been with my boyfriend for 3 years and i love him.. But sometimes during sex i will only get turned on if i think of a hot girls naked body..i also enjoy watching **** with him especially girl on girl it exites me I feels weird.. But idk i love having sex with him so i think i might be bi .. I think the only way tk really know is to have a lesbian experiense then i will know if i like girls .. Because i like **** but i also like boobs but ialways been straight till some months back idk whats happening to me
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Just don't hurt your boyfriend in doing so. If you want to figure it out, talk to your boyfriend about it. He deserves to know, if your going to cheat on him, with a girl or guy. If he is cool with you experimenting, then great. Otherwise you may need to end things with him, so you can go find yourself. It will hurt him but it is better then him finding out later after many more years spent together. Not trying to sound preachy, good luck. I do think that is important that you find yourself though.

well said, I totally agree with you here, Iv'e been in that situation and regret not being honest. Mine lead to divorce.

Well then i hope i have it .. Just feel really curis to know..

You certainly will never regret a lesbian experience. I became a total lesbian ***** aft first time.