lonley, husband away on business,  I know sounds so tipical,  but true,  having a bad day, called my friend, said come on over need to put back a few, well she came along with the boyfriend, we had way to much, wound up in the bath tub together just us girls, playing with bubbles, but before I knew it we had entence eye contact, well its get really intense from there, went to my closed, got out the play tools and we were really enjoying each other,  than all hell broke loose, her boyfriend came in, he freaked, he got so jealous,  we parted in such a sad way, have not seen her in a month, we talk befiely, I know he is listening, I will see her next week, i am so nevous.  I still have her underwear, I look at them and still long for her.   

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Nobody in their right damn mind would do this while in a relationship. You obviously need to grow up, and do the right thing which is break up with him and then do whatever you want.

@mythreekids...honey alot of us either feel this way or already acted on these feelings. i have kids and im a lesbian who is still married to a man.

wow seriously, I thought guys liked that kind of stuff. heh (at least?) one of my male friends wish I was one so they could watch. One is way more vocal about it. he's a perv and he's proud of it.

A great experience, almost overshadowed by a controlling or closed-minded b/f. Would give anything if he could just accept that things happen; you shouldn't hafta have brief, secretive or held-back convesations with your friend. Sorry to hear it, but really glad you had this story to tell. ^.^~

Never had an encounter with another female... sounds very hot and passionate though... nice :-P Sucks it was under those circumstances though. Have Fun!