I Love a Womans Body

Needless to say I love my husband, but I would love to be intimate with another woman.  I get hot just thinking about making out with another chic.

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10 Responses Jul 10, 2009

As short as this story is, it has aroused something in me...

How strange. o.o

Any updates on this story?

just dont make it secretly .. tell him and enjoy..make clear rules for it avoiding destroy your life.

I totally agree with your story! I love women, but the thing is, no one knows! I am happily married but would love to, just once, experience the pleasure of being with a woman....

Go for it gurl. There's nothing like another womans touch.

You should watch the movie The Sex Monster with your hubby and see what he thinks. It is on hulu. If nothing else it is a very funny movie that deals with the topic.

I honestly think most men would not feel threatened by this , only if their was a fear that it would cause a disruption to the marriage. However if emotions are controlled and parameters of behavior are maintained I think it would be workable.<br />
<br />
Personally I don't think it would bother me at all and perhaps even a turn on for me.

Well its not an easy thing to embrace when you are married. it may lead your marridge to a wreck and its even worst if you have children.. i dont know your husband but deep down you will know how he will react as you are the one that knows him the most.<br />
well just do what you think its best

I know many that are like you...<br />
Embrace it

Why be secretive?..................Come on out and Live!

XD your husband might like it <br />
but seriously theres nothing wrong with being bi and your husband should be understanding...