I Am A Potato

i am reaching 18 years of age soon and i have been unhappy for a while. since about 14 years old have been very insecure and i have a low self-esteem. i do have my days when i feel so great about myself but they don't last long. I feel like i am always a second choice to everyone. i do have a group of friends but i am the friend that is just there tagging along and we only hang out at school. Maybe college will be better. My life at home is actually good. My mom does her best for us. i did cut a couple years ago but my sister caught me and she was very upset with me so i stopped and i have a boyfriend we have been dating to a year now and he asked me to promise i would stop so i did. unfortunately i have relapsed since then. my mom doesnt know anything about my cutting. thy are the only two people that know. My boyfriend gets suicidal sometimes. we both aren't well.

when i say i am a potato i mean i am blob on the surface of the earth. i dont stick out in a crowd. i dont dress nicely i wear walmart clothes. my family is struggling finacially. i am ok looking i guess. i dont have gorgeous long hair or a model body. No blue eyes or fair skin. i am a potato. lumpy brown and unappealing. thats me.
kyleesmiley kyleesmiley
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012