They think I am Happy. I am okay and nothing is wrong. But what they don't know, everyday I have to pretend that I am okay. I have learned to hide my emotions especially in our office. My way of avoiding questions and gossips. Now, the moment I wake up I wear a happy mask. It has been a routine for me. I don't want to let anyone know what is really inside of me. I don't want people to take pity on me. It make things even worse.

I want to let it all out, but I am afraid of what others may say. There was a time when I tried to open up to a friend. Very close friend of mine. But nothing happened. All I got was a hiss.. So I started hiding everything to myself. and learned to pretend to have a happy life. A carefree life. No problems.
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I don't have anything to say to comfort you...I am in the same boat...unhappy. But I don't have to pretend. Coz here...other people don't notice anyway, unless you are being in-their-face obvious. So it's not an effort hiding anything. But I do know one thing. You shouldn't give up on opening up to a close friend. You will get a hiss most of the time...true. But sometimes...magic happens. And you find someone who really listens. You'll have to be knocked back a thousand times before you find that does happen. -hugs-

It's okay. sometimes all we need is just a friend who would listen. Someone who would tap at your back or a hug will do.. :) I will try to open up again.. until I found that friend :)

Good luck with that...-hugs-