Those That Say They Care, Never Really Care.

Today I hit one of those moods again where I just couldn't get myself to smile, so I didn't pretend just hid. All day no one seemed to be looking for me so I just let it go and stayed hidden in my room. By evening I was forced to go have dinner and be happy so I did. It wasn't easy but I smiled, laughed and made sure no one saw the hint of depression creeping in my eyes.

I got a text from a close friend, he and I usually tell each other everything, he says he cares. Today I didn't feel he did though which I didn't want to call him on so I said nothing. I texted as though everything was perfect. He believed the smiles and haha's in my texts. I didn't let him think otherwise.

Late that night I got another prank call, this time they said I should kill myself. Nothing new just the usual so I brushed it off. As me and my close friend we're texting I told him I was sick of all the prank calls I had gotten today and he asked me what they said. I told him "oh they just said to kill myself already -__-" so his reply "what did you do to everybody haha" by then I just decided why not and texted back "existed." It has been over an hour since he read the message and still no reply.

I didn't expect an "omg i love you so much don't say that" but rather a "i'm glad you exist" or just something to that sense. I just wanted a reply in general. So much for 'caring' .
kclichee kclichee
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1 Response Jan 25, 2013

Somebody actually told to kill yourself? I would like to kick their teeth in. *******.

Unfortunately yes, but that what happens when you talk to people you don't really know I suppose.