She'S An Angel [Fallen]

Hiding is much easier than showing.
Depression is mainly what I cause myself, I stress out so easy, but supposedly I'm perfect. Mother's little angel. Just what she wants, of course, I live to be her clone. So she says.
Sometimes I think I've lost it. I write poems, depressing ones, angry ones, never a happy one. I act like a maniac. It's like inside I'm killing people, and feeling terrible, and outside it's all "Ohhh let's be all epic and smileyyyy."
Got to play the game, ya know? Until I'm out of the house, might as well lie about happiness.
Sick stupidity I follow.
QueenOfAngels QueenOfAngels
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 30, 2013

I know love, I have been the same.. I've been acting all happy and good infront of all the people before, but one does get tired of acting, right? Same thing happened to me. Now I don't act, I live for myself. I care not that I will not attract any friends or anyone close for being so distant and sad, but I can't help it, and I want friends for who I am on the inside, not on the outside. So I stopped acting. You should stop it too, sweet, before it gets too late to avoid it :/

:/ yeah, you're probably right.

Good Luck! ;)