I ********** On My Sister In Law

I'm married and haveing 2 children on boy and a gir. From the time i married my wife I have a crush on my wife's younger sister.
she is fair tall and haveing brest size 38c with long hair.  I fantazies her when I make love with my wife. My sister in law got married resently and her husband seems to be not ok in satisfying my sister in law as my sister in law is very sexy and hot.

some time i look at her photo and **********. I talk with her over phone and we talk about some kinky things. I do have idea to **** her one day
befor i die. she is comming to my mind every moment specially when i do sex with my wife. please advise me what to do to get her to my bed.
mikedell mikedell
41-45, M
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Your fantasy could be fun forever...acting on this one may ruin a hell of a lot more than your fantasy. Personally, I'd take the forever here. Good luck!

show her the photo with *** on it

She is ready since she talked about her sex life.. go ajhead.. grab her & put yr hands slowly first on her breasts.. if she murmurs 'no no somebody will come..'means she wants u to proceed further.. if she is not willing she will be violent immdtly.. go ahead & 99% she will like to enjoy with u as most women like one more **** frm other man..

thank you mate

My sister in law is hot as hell too. Sometime when I have my wife bent over the couch ******* her from behind I will look at her sisters picture and imagine myself ******* her.. Its super hot. Its normal. Once you **** one sister you pretty much wanna **** the other one too! lol

exactly my friend its very much turning hot to fantasise sister in laws when ******* the wife

Even hotter when your wife lets you take her sisters name and pretends to be her!

would like to see photo of your SIL!!!

I have a sister-in-law that I would love to ****. She has beautiful legs I love to touch. Her skin is smooth as silk and her lips are the sweetest I have ever kissed.That's as far as I have gotten with her. I'm hoping that will change.

since you & her are like phone friends & all :) maybe ask her one day ,how's marriage life treating you ?? & then go from there

I can imagine the fantasy thinking about making your wife preg!

I have the same feelings about my wifes sister but after 22 years I still have not got it. Plz friend me

i feel sorry for your kids<br />

Hi mikedell
If you chat about kinky things with your SIL then it should not be difficult to have sex with her. Next time you meet her hug her close to you and rub her back. See how she reacts and take it from there. Good luck

he;s the one you need to feel sorry about :) LMDAOA

My wife was the youngest from her 4 sisters and I think that all of her sisters husbands wanted to **** my wifes tight little ***** before she married me.

when you lovemake with your wife just fantasise she is with her sister husband you will feel better.
Or you ask your wife does she like them

I asked my sister in low whether she gives bl*job to her husband she said no.<br />
then i adviced her to do so as a reply she told me she doesnt know the technique.<br />
then explained to her and requested to wear the sheer nighty which i presented to her and to have her hair phonytailed to look sexy and to give bj while her hubby standing.<br />
when hubby c'**m dont spit it out you solow it.<br />
after a week when i called her she told it was amazing and she enjoyed.<br />
I questioned her whether she solow as i mensioned she told yes. I got turned to maximum immediately i started jercking while on phone. I got it quickly still i feel that sensation.

My sister in law is now pregnant to her hubby.
I fenatsize that she s carrying my baby. I mausterbate thinking that i am sucking her nipples while running my hand over her huge belly. In real i feel like kissing her befor her delivery . i dont know how.

Damn that sounds good my friend,just like we do in England,have you heard of dogging?if no ask me,well
your a lucky man,i say **** her like she never been ****** before,maybe on coke to make it more intense
but if you do for her which her hubby cant then she will come back for more like a little slave girl wanting to learn,sounds like you have the cat in the bag purrrr

I like dogging you mean swapping? do you have MFM ********* pictures? pls send to me mikedell666@yahoo.com or attached to message in EP


you really got it bad dude :(

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