I Musturbate On My Wife's Younger Sister

My wife's younger sister is now married and she is pregnant to her hubby.Though her huby made her pregnant I am sure he is not fit enough to handle her. She is such a sexy and hot . Her sex desire is vissible in her eye. I use to talk to her over the phone and I pull her to talk about sexual matters. She doesnt react for that i get some answers. Once I asked her whether she likes to controll on top of he huby she told me she feels shy to talk about. After I insist her I am asking this only for your benifits then she replied she like but my huby will suspect me i had experience befor marriage and sure he will ask me from whare you lernt.Then I asked about whether she is satisfied from sexual encounter from her huby she replied its ok but .........not as i expected. when she told this i hot turned and rock hard.
Then I started telling her does he talk dirty during lovemaking she told sometime little. Then I asked he talks about MFM 3s ,and wf swap
she asked what r they? Then i expained to her.She was stuned and i could feel from her breath for me i became too rock.
I told then you just fantasise when lovemaking that one of his friend nothing wrong in it it will be only fantasy for you to get satisfied
for that she didnt reply kept quite.
Then I asked if in case your huby offer you for a MFM would you say yes? She replied he will not ask like that.
i dint leave her again and again i insisted that if he asked only finaly she replied do you think my huby is soo forward to ask like that?
This turned me very hard and started gussing bcs From the reply its clear that she has the idea for MFM .
immediately i started ******* and continue to talk about swapping for that also she answered in the same way she didnt say i dont like or dont talk dirty like this so I am sure she likes MFM and swap
I got the chance to continue talking more and i used the oppertunity to tell her I am unlucky then she asked why?
Then I told her i could have you as my wife for that she dint reply anything. I told her if I were your huby I would give you MFM with one of my frien or the person you like she started breath faster . I started jerck faster and finaly i got . I canot immagine the plesure what i got that time.
When i ********** i bring all this story to my mind i enjoy very much. You can read all my stories, confession, questions all about her only. I am nt writting false story all these are real.
evry day 3 times i ********** on her. I cannot stay without thinking about her even a sec.
I dream one day she will take me i understan from that she doesnt react when i talk dirty. Still i am in fear to ask her directly.

Once she was alone in the TV room my wife and other family members were talking three rooms away from Tv room.
Then I talk to my sister in law from her voice i realised some feelings from her. her face and eye were very sexy at that time and i got turned then i came out of the room and checked any one ouside the room . no one were there i slowly went behind her to hug and kiss her from behind. she couldnt she me as she is faceing the Tv. I went very close then left bcs i was scare if she make any noice then all others will rush to the room then that would be the end of my life.
when i ********** i bring this inciden too to my mind i get utmost satisfaction.
Now the situation is I dont get satisfaction from my wife(her sister) unless i fantasise about my sister in law.
rather i get very much pleasure when i ********** thinking of her.
I dont know when i will get her in real. I love her I love her style talk eye nose kissing hot and sexy lips my god haaa she is that much sexy

mikedell mikedell
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1 Response May 13, 2012

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