Don'T Stop Believing

Well...Unfortunately, I had done something terrible to someone who I actually felt like for the first time, loved me and now unfortunately, we are broken up & he's returning to his ex girlfriend but...unlike my past relationships, I actually feel some bit of hope for this one.

Like usually, I wouldn't even care simply because, after my break ups, I tend to harden my heart (not purposely) but it tends to be like a reaction. However, with him, I actually have a little hope that maybe he will come back.

Our relationship was different than what either of us had ever experienced before, and I suppose maybe that's why I still want to believe that he still cares & loves me [something that he said to me] and that, perhaps maybe his daily texts to me, is like; in someway, a sign of him still holding feelings for me like I do for him...

Again, it's just a hope, but with him trying to get take back by his ex...I'm not exactly holding my breath.
LieutenantSnuggles LieutenantSnuggles
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2013