Addicted To Therapy

Couldn't take it anymore, I thought I'd be able to stay strong but my ways of coping and dealing with the world and my own self didn't bring anything good. Although the idea of paying to have someone to vent to and help me wasn't that comforting, it was time I asked for some professional help. And that's what I did.

I can only be glad of the choice I made. However, lately, I've had to reduce the frequency of therapy sessions due to financial reasons. This drives me crazy because the days pass so damn slow and I'm anxious to see her and talk again. Maybe do some tests too once in a while, I like those. It's great to have someone who will listen and not judge you, laugh, make weird faces or yell at you for speaking your mind and heart. Sympathetic and understanding as a therapist should be! No wonder I'm so anxious to meet again and that I failed at the one thing anybody who's undergoing therapy should be careful about: not to become too attached to the therapist. It will be heartbreaking when treatment ends or you have to change therapists.
I dont' even want to think about that, I hope that time never comes...It's frustrating. I wish there was a cure for this, sometimes it makes me want to never actually get better.
blacknblue9 blacknblue9
18-21, F
May 24, 2012