Long,lost Beautiful Mother

I would like to say, for anyone that may be currently searching for the mother/father.. I know eactally what you are experiencing...Try looking for over 30 years, and wondering whether she has left the country, was murdered,kidnapped..My mother,the one one in the striped pants, imagine the fashion statement she was making at that time..I am presently 37 years old....Imagine growing up all your life, and wondering countless things, what happened,how long their marriage was,etc..Alot of things cruise through my mind when I think about her.. As in,EVERY mother's day, I always am thinking of her..How have you gone about, for those that may be currently on your searc,have you gone about looking for your birth parents?? I have exhausted every possible lead in this.. Until, a few days ago, affter multiple years,finding a few of her friends,that lived in Childhaven, which was and is an orphanage for abused children,came upon my name on Facebook, and noticed that my mother's name was Cynthia Dean..I was checking my messages, as I always do, and realized that I had a new person that wished to add me..That person and I spent a few hours talking, tell me that she was my mother's roommate at Childhaven, and a few more stories about her.. I only have pictures to remember her by..I guess, I can say I could be somewhat fortunate, for some people, don't even have 'photo's', as a rememberance..I have looked at her photos, over and over again, wishing I could step back into time, and be able to be present to see how her life was, and how happy she was.. When she held me in her arms, etc.. What a dream that would be...I have 3 living aunts located in different states.. I havfe corresponded with all of them..It just doesn't make the most sense to me.. I haveasked them several questions, and they seem to know nothing..Yet..they are all sisters????.. A big part of  who I am... Is with my mother.. I hope someday,whether, now or several more years, I can get the chance to meet her and see her beauty before me.. I hope all of you enjoy reading this..You DO NOT know how lucky all of you are are to have Parents that love you.. If I can say this, NEVER take them for granted :)

Miseree Miseree
36-40, M
5 Responses May 12, 2010

I knew your mother! I grew up at Childhaven. She was one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. She carried herself with such grace and poise. I knew Sue and Lou and Linda too!

this breaks my heart. as a mama, i can't imagine... i just can't imagine..

my mother was 19 when she had me. I have only photos of this beautiful woman, mom. I have NEVER forgotten.

What a beautiful entry my friend! I will hold you in my thoughts in hopes of you finding your mother!! Hugs to you!! xo

I want to hug you x