Seeking Peace and Comfort!

I know this is a fantasy, but maybe one day it will come true!

After living in a sexless marriage for a over 3 years, I began looking for a married woman who has the same needs and wants.  Like myself, I want to find a woman who who wants to keep her marriage but see to her own needs.  Someone who can immerse themselves in kissing and hugging and is willing to enjoy the moment for what it is!  

MaxV MaxV
56-60, M
5 Responses Jan 29, 2009

I wonder what the answer really is? Is there really any such thing as a satisfactory relationship? Should we stop trying to find this in one person?

Dear Lamby,<br />
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You are very quick to make judgment. I see that you are a very young lady. Obviously, you haven't been in any relationship for 30+ years. When you get there, call us back, we would love to hear what you have to say then!

I don't think you're sleazy Max. Just desperately lonely. It's too bad that morality has to be so very narrowly defined sometimes. On the one hand I can see why people look down on extramarital issues and such. But, on the other hand, a marriage can be a very lonely place.

I guess I didnt realise this was a site for sleazy guys to pick up their next one night mistake

I am not that woman, but I am very curious about something and I think you're just the guy to ask........<br />
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Why do you want to stay in your marriage?