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Should I only limit myself to only four hours on the internet a week? Should I give myself and hour, no more, no less a day in reading a good book? What about alone time and just being quiet before God? How about getting with that friend, or spending time on my art? There just seems to be too little time for everything, but I try to give myself to whatever I am doing when I am doing it. Tonight I will go to bed, but nonetheless, I don't just live today. I may live many a day, and see an after life after that. Should I have an 'in this moment' mentality where everything needs to be done at once because the clock is ticking and time is killing me, or should I live with a mentality that believes in timelessness and eternity? Should I live every moment as though It is forever? In forever will there be a season for everything to be accomplished in its own time?
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When you think about people who have passed on, for me, it is usually about some time I spent with them. Something they did for me, or I did for them. Something we shared. Something they taught me.
When I look back at last week, the really fun thing for me was playing with our band on Sunday night. Going elk hunting with youngest son and grand daughter on Saturday (grand daughter has a youth cow elk tag). Doing property maintenance with friends at church on Thursday, and having coffee afterward. Help with the 3, 4, and 5 years old class at church put together a ginger bread train. Hanging out with my wife. We make each other laugh. Going to a grand daughter birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Hanging christmas lights on the house and turning them on after dark. Playing my banjo every day. You get the idea.
I spend some on the internet, as have emails of things I am doing. And waste time on the internet.
I guess balance for me has the internet pretty low. Interactions with family and friends is high. Music is high. Back when I was working, and traveling, and had up to 8 kids at home, seemed that raising kids and working was what I did.

That's awesome! It sounds like you have really been able to take life as it comes. Since I am a stay at home mother with an at home job, and I am also trying to make some of my own christmas presents, and etc. etc. the list goes on, sometimes I find it easier to relax in front of the internet and write or read stories than it is to do anything else after cooking, cleaning, and teaching my children all day. After going outside with them and and running errands, I realize I have other things I need to do sometimes, and other friends I need to keep contact with, and I feel like I don't have the time, or balance. Right now it's just all about the kids. That's why I like your answer, is because it was for you, too, when you were raising them. I hadn't meant to leave my last sentence a question. When you read it over again, you might realize I was describing a desire to live a life that is much like taking life as it comes, as you seemed to describe, realizing there will be time for every good thing.

I am in awe of what you are trying to fit into each day. Feel the same about my two younger kids who have kids in grade school and high school. All the things that the grand kids are doing, besides school work, like sports. My daughter and son both work downtown. Just busy, busy. We have a standing offer that we will have the grand kids over for a sleepover, if they want to have a date night. After I retired, had the preschool grand kids over for a day each week, so parent had a somewhat free day. Loved my interactions with the grand kids, down on the floor playing with tractors, or barbies, until they went to school. We have a large family, so grand kids spend time with aunts and uncles a lot.

That is amazing. I had a similar relationship with my grandparents, but my dad lives across the country, and my mom doesn't believe in taking the kids because I wasn't married when I had them. My mom has only taken my oldest twice for a couple hours at a time and he is nine years old. He didn't know she was his grandma until he was three

Seems like a pretty poor excuse. Boy, is she missing out. We love being grand parents. I had a job working for the government, and we moved fairly often. The last move we made, my oldest daughter had just finished her junior year in high school. Had several chances to move after that, but if we did, would leave kids behind. All of my grand kids live within 20 miles of us.

They definitely are. Kids are the greatest gift in the world next to grandparents. :)

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I totally get the struggle for balance--Perhaps getting clear on priorities, beginning with end results--whether long or short term--in mind is a good rule of thumb. Much of my planned creative-career venture involves the Net...but some of it does not. So I've been tinkering with one or more ways to work smarter, not harder. It is an ongoing exercise, and as the world becomes evermore connected, slowing ourselves down so we don't burn out yet getting things done is going to be how people survive and thrive in the increasing worldly pace.

Hmmm reading this reminds me of something else I heard and that was simply that we do not remember days we remember moments

I like your answer. :) Thankyou.