I Misunderstood

I was just sitting here reading stories for my fellow EPers and this thought crossed my mind.The phrase "God helps those who help themselves" took a whole new meaning.
I believe God is Love. God is not some bearded guy who lives outside us, watching us, judging us. I believe God is within me, the essence of Love. When I feel depressed I am not loving myself. In order to help myself snap out of this I must start to love myself again. The only way I have found to make this possible is to help others. In doing so I am allowing my "Love (God)" to reach out to others. My reaching out in Love helps those and in doing so I help myself. I used to think it meant that no one will help me unless I help myself. Many times I felt so powerless and felt no one cared to help me. But I found after reading this phrase a different way that I have the power to help myself and that it only took my reaching to others to find the power I needed to help myself.
Mehameha Mehameha
51-55, M
4 Responses Jun 26, 2011

Our true strength & power lie within ourselves & our connection to God & all of creation. It is not something we can "get" from something or someone, & it is not something we "do" either. There is a part of all of us that KNOWS this, we just have to be willing to open ourselves up to this, relax & see where it takes us!

I'm afraid that I must disagree with you.<br />
Love is a hormone designed to blind people to the shortcomings of instinctive bonding.<br />
Compassion, Empathy these things arise from an enlightened state, an awareness of the interconectedness of things.<br />
<br />
But my disagreement is not simply a semantic one.<br />
It is creative endeavour that has empowered people since the creation of the first and most basic of tools.<br />
While the misuse of the power of creative endeavour has become a very serious issue it is it's misuse that is the problem.<br />
People continue to act from instinctive motivation and that is the problem.<br />
<br />
Only the Creator is worthy to be deemed God.

It is in helping others that we receive the most comfort and strength.

time to do a little celebrating.