How I Became Enlightened In A Moment

I was seeking Enlightenment, desperately. And then one day I met a man, in a park in Los Angeles, and in the moment that I met him, I received Enlightenment from him. He did not say a word to me. He did not even pay any attention to me. But my world changed the day I met Maitreya The Friend of all Souls. He walked into the midst of a gathering that he had put together. I didn' t know who he was. I didn't know what he did. I didn't even know that it was his Gathering. But the minute he walked in my mind opened, my heart opened, I was no longer afraid of death. I was no longer afraid at all.

Why, how could this come about. I asked some of the folks who were there. "He is the Maitreya" someone said. "He gave up his own Perfect Final Union with God twice, and made a Vow that He would never again enter into Perfect Final Union with God until all Souls had attained it before Him." He is The Satguru. The True Teacher.

That was it! I felt it! I felt Him! I knew God! I was immersed in Maitreya's being and Essence, that Perfect Final Union with God that He had given up, now was mine. Months later, formally, I received the True Enlightenment of His Holy Initiation. I found out that because of Maitreya's Vow of Compassion The One Universal God Promised that all who receive The True Enlightenment of Maitreya's Holy Initiation and follow Him to the end of their lives, they will receive the Perfect Final Union with God that He gave up for their sake.

I learned that if I received The True Enlightement of Maitreya's Holy Initiation and completed it, I could then share this wonderous Gift with others. That I could transmit this True Enlightenment to others! That I could give this Blessing of Maitreya The Friend to anyone who wanted it, of their own Free Will! So I pursued it! I completed it! I won this wonderful and amazing Gift and Ordination and now I can Enlighten others with Maitreya's Holy Initiation. Now I can give the Gift of Perfect Final Union with God that He gave to me, that beautiful June day in the park!

How Blessed I am! For I learned even more, I learned that God has Promised that when enough Souls have received Maitreya's Holy Initiation and are following Him, God will create a Divine Spiritual Critical Mass and all Souls will have the opportunity to Go Home Into God like a drop of water falling into the Sea becomes the Sea! So now I work for this Blessed Day of Divine Critical Mass! When everyone can go Home! Oh what a Blessing! Oh how Joyous! We can now free the whole world! I am so supremely Blessed!

And I have known Maitreya for 24 years now. Personally. I eat breakfast with Him. I eat dinner with Him. I am so blessed and humbled that I can basque in the glow of His Awakening every single day of my life! And I can bring others to Him, to learn from Him, to follow Him, to work together for this Beautiful and Amazing Day when God gives us His Divine Critical Mass and everyone can go home! No more suffering. No more sorrow! No more death! We will all be Free!. Free again! Free at last!

Jai Bhagavan Ji!
Victory to that Beloved Universal I Am That I am Which You Are!

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2012

I would honestly love to meet both of you and how can I make that happen?

Dear friend,

Sadly, Maitreya left this world of suffering, sorrow, death and rebirth last week. His Memorial Service will be tomorrow morning. Maitreya lives within the Spiritual Realm, now, in the Secret Inner Sanctuary of every soul's heart. You can find and meet Him there, in a very real way. The Maitreyians who are carrying on in His Name live and teach and preach of Maitreya in Redondo Beach and Playa Del Rey, California. If you are nearby, let me know and I will send you a personal message and invitation to visit Maitreya's Sanctuary in Playa Del Rey, once we resume our gatherings. May the Blessings and Grace of The One Universal God and Maitreya The Friend of all Souls be with you always, Ila

Sorry for your loss and thank you for the offering and invitation but I live in New Jersey , but I I ever do make my way to Cali that will definitely a sure visit.

Your story is very positive and inspiring! Thank you.