On Butterfly Wings



I’ve walked this path before,

Always wanting more.

How much more can I give?

How much more can I live?


When will it be my time to shine?

When did fun become so benign?

The pine grove stands so tall and proud,

Complaining not, accepting all.


So where do I begin?



Follow the Butterfly Within.


From your souls deepest desire,

Express your dreams,

A river of thought, question and fire,

Flowing like a stream.


Find your inner calling,

The path unto delight.

Bring forth your anger and your angst

and cleanse it with the Light


Find the beauty in all things,

For all things are divine.

Embrace your butterfly wings,

And allow your soul to shine.



By RavenWolf


soulfireRW soulfireRW 31-35 3 Responses Jul 1, 2008

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Earthly Life<br />
<br />
Movement<br />
Suffering<br />
Using/being used<br />
Semi permanent attachment<br />
Birth,aging,sickness,rebirth,death<br />
Impermenance<br />
Internal/Ambiternal/External &amp; Polarities<br />
Offense, Defense, Counter Attack, neutral,Peace <br />
<br />
Everything thing you described in that poem can be broken down into the above 8 things. preferably just one simple thing MOVEMENT. <br />
<br />
you are also using positive "Light" to negatively destroy Darkness. rather then accepting them both, embracing them both, and using them both. <br />
<br />
setting the above aside for a sec, the poem is very talented. rymes as well, which is cool . <br />
<br />
hmm if your into the whole fame thing id say give it a shot and try to get it published in a book or something,<br />
<br />
Regards,<br />

Again, beautiful and resonates with me. Thank you.