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My Love

My Love


My love is light in darkness.

My love is strength in weakness.

My love is immortality in eternity.

My love is all encompassing and eternal.

My love is unconditional to all.

I am love and you are all loved.

Love is boundless and sightless.

It is unrestricted and free.

It is beauty and grace.

I am bound to all by love.

Love is a gift freely given to all.

It is joy and laughter.

Love is the healing ingredient of,

Sorrow, grief, pain and anguish. 

Love unites us all.


By RavenWolf



soulfireRW soulfireRW 31-35 1 Response Jul 1, 2008

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cool poem, i like to write too, it just sucks all of my poems are about my wife whom i've lost to another person