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Why Is Oneness Still A Thought?

Through honest and sincere 'looking' I have realised for fact that there is no entity inside me. I looked at the automation of ALL thoughts and action and there was no 'person' behind any of them. I also know that mind is what interprets the sensory input and is the apparent creator of what we call matter. I then sincerely 'looked' again to realise that there is no reason for me to locate awareness inside this body. It only took a few mins. of honest investigation and I realised that 'I am in here' is nothing but a few pockets of touch like sensation/energy and a soundtrack. I feel very free since, especially amidst a life full of turmoil.

Oneness is all that should remain in this situation, why is it then still a thought? Why is everything still manifesting through a body-mind perspective?
And what about those promised kensho like experiences that are meant to happen at this stage? I feel sorted as far as my personal story is concerned, it is no longer my story, I am now a very detached witness to it. I am 'doing' without being a part of it. But, now I am unsettled for a different reason. Is a need for being a unified field of existence yet another human desire?

Someone, please help me :(
autumn2487 autumn2487 41-45 1 Response Oct 8, 2012

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Then perhaps you might try accepting that sometimes things just are.... what they are. Is it possible to just accept who you are and move on ?

I don't really have a choice lol. So be it. Thanks a bunch for helping. Hugs :)