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Relative Freedom And Boundlessness....

When I came to ask myself there I found no answer.
After a season of strong desire it got tired and I left it.
Then it got revealed to me from unknown to make me move from known to unknown, so that I can know the unknown to such a great level that I can say to strongly, that i dnt know.
When I came to ask myself there happened o be no answer.
when I left my search for a moment ,answers ran before me to find me.
But in this hide and seek I felt tht love kept on conspiring to bring out the hidden smile behind laughter, to get sparkling light of belief of so penetrating kind that can penetrate impenetrable darkness of disbelief .with even more luster, to speak out with screaming of silence beyond words and language.

It seemed journey from inability to express in words here, expression is towards clarity of myself, the self which is not in collaboration with truth, but actually it is journey back to my home from where I have started.The state is as if I was dropped now I would have to start it again.Sudden revelation tht would be definitely gift to fall to understand the rise which I had gone through.
when i came to ask myself there were no answers but in little things and happenings around me, which revealed through mist the light to thing that something is like me...
which was perhaps in words like these:
" nothing is absolute, everything is relative, which give rise to irony of inner and outer of myself ...probably hypocrisy of myself and paradox of situation which attests my faithfulness bcz higher truths are always paradoxical, which make my life poetical, deep, which would if learnt the art of simplicity without loosing its depth, poetic nature, and truths will be something on which no believer or non believer would have to dispute."
When I came to ask myself for self expression it seemed to be all vague.
Boundless told me wht the freedom get to do with boundary.
Respect to boundaries would contradict boundlessness or freedom.
Just to enjoy contradictory states of freedom and reverence to would b helpful to keep away from boundaries to such a distance and surrender of myself in front of One who gives freedom in bounds as well...but then desire of surrender to enjoy further desires of freedom trap so that fear takes place in heart.After so much tym of considering these things I came across wild life boundlessness.One who would have identification with or liking for this who would be definitely be liking freedom as well.So wht would be comparison between bounded freedom and boundless freedom.then a phrase came to mind by comparing wild life and literature of my life tht one who dies down into literature he would be enjoying freedom of relative nature which if will not be transcended it would keep on yearning for its boundlessness but the point where reaches the acceptance ,to metaphysical level, then there happens complete surrender, enjoyment of it...this is wht freedom.A routeless journey...
"Freedom lies in acceptance"
On the other hand , wild life would go on crossing boundaries...and would gain transcendence and reaches to same metaphysical level if remained faithful to boundlessness and humble to God paradoxically...having route so unknown that cant realize even tht is there any route or not?....but veils keep on unveiling itself...
When I came to ask myself I found no answer.but Sudden selfless moment shown me myself..and cried out that the most I dIsbelieve is me and most I believe in is God than Whom there is no other Lord.

love will keep on removing veils in between!
sunshines333 sunshines333 18-21, F 2 Responses Oct 11, 2012

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it is a very good piece of writing. keep it up.
and smiles :)

thank you!

have u written this writeup or it is thought penned somewhere?

:( me myself came to this thinking:(